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By | August 4, 2021

It almost makes Color Plus seem muddy and muted in comparison. The Colors Of Ektar.

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6152019 Kodak discontinued the 35mm Ektar films in 1994 and replaced them with Royal Gold versions.

Kodak Ektar. Both the Kodak Ektar and the Kodak Portra 160 are my absolute favorites. Pembayaran mudah pengiriman cepat. The modern Kodak Ektar 100 is a color negative film introduced in 2008 as a successor to the original Ektar.

8102020 This Kodak Ektar 100 film simulation recipe is intended for and only compatible with as of this writing the Fujifilm X100V X-Pro3 and X-T4. Kodak Ektar is an ISO 100 colour negative film that as you might expect following that claim about its grain sits firmly in the companys Professional range. 9262020 Kodak Ektar 100 on the other hand jumps out at you with its vibrant reds cool blues and rich tonal range.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTAR 100 Film KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTAR 100 Film is the worlds finest grain color negative film. Kodak Professional Ektar 100 is a daylight-balanced color negative film characterized by an ultra-vivid color palette high saturation and an extremely fine grain structure. An ideal choice for commercial photographers and advanced amateurs KODAK.

Ektar is the best choice for cameras with older lenses or toy cameras. Ektar is known for its beautiful saturated colors especially in the reds. Kodak Ektar f35 78mm a 4-element lens used on the Chevron.

1062017 The Ektar 100 is one of the films from the professional color negative films offered by Kodak. 9252020 Kodak claimed that Ektar had the finest grain of any film on the market very possibly true as well as vivid color saturation. Ultimately we chose the Kodak Ektar because it really produces the best results even in gray and hazy weather.

Ultra-vivid color Exceptional sharpness Extraordinary enlargement capability Featuring ISO 100 speed high saturation and ultra-vivid color EKTAR 100 offers the finest smoothest grain of any color negative film available today. This makes it a contemporary of the likes of Portra and Ektachrome rather than the Kodak consumer films like ColorPlus or Gold 200. While Im attracted to the pastel palettes people get from Portra I still crave the clean vibrance of Ektar and golden hour is just the time to unleash that from the film.

Ektar handles tricky highlights and shadows with ease transitioning from light to dark without losing detail and the grain is almost non-existent. Some of my 1993-1994 frames from Vicksburg and 2005 frames from a historic railroad depot in Mound Louisiana show how vibrant this film was in its prime. With ISO 100 speed high saturation and ultra-vivid color this film offers the finest smoothest grain of any color negative film available today.

Kodak Ektar 100 The Worlds Finest Grain Color Negative Film. The 25 was the same emulsion just with a new name. 10162020 Ektars replacement officially was the Kodak Royal Gold line itself discontinued when Kodak released the new Ektar.

Older film lenses and toy camera lenses can be duller and not have coating or have it worn off. Utilizing the cinematic VISION Film technology this films smooth grain profile pairs with a micro-structure optimized T-GRAIN emulsion to make it especially well-suited to scanning applications and advanced. It was the film the company recommended film photographers switch to with the death of Kodachrome and became a color negative competitor to the rich colors of Fuji Velvia slide film.

2222020 Kodak Ektar film goes back to 1989 and was re-introduced in 2008. It uses Clarity which slows down the camera considerably. Like that older film current Kodak Ektar is specialized for applications in which ultra-fine grain and high color.

It has some of the most beautiful colors I have ever got out of color film. Kodak ektar in 35mm. 342015 Kodak Ektar 100 handles the sun so well I can shoot backlit with it and still have a blue sky and blue ocean behind the subject.

Another option which is what Fujifilm recommends is to add Clarity later by reprocessing the RAW. 35mm film since October 2008 and 120 film format since April 2009 Ideal for scanning. 1062020 Kodak Ektar has been a favorite of mine for quite a while as I love those deep rich tones when Im shooting color.

Snow however or the reproduction of white is a challenge for every film. Beli Kodak Ektar 100 Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2021 di Tokopedia. Along with Portra series.

I just allow the pause to slow myself down. 160 400 and 800 that are more oriented towards pastel shades and softer skin tones Ektar is a more saturated and vivid film than any other in the Portra family. It stands as a testiment to the quality Kodak has brought to the imaging world.

11132019 Kodak Ektar f35 100mm and f37 105mm both 5-element Heliar type lenses result of Fred Altmans 10 Heliar variant prototypes of 1942 – The 100mm was used on the Kodak Medalist and Medalist II cameras while the 105mm was supplied in shutter for 23-inch press type cameras.

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